Morning Mental Wellness

I’ll kick this blog off by giving you some mental wellness activities that have profoundly improved by mental stability – and frankly my life.

Each day, I dread getting out of bed. I wake up with a mask of fatigue and can’t summon the energy to desire the day. However, this activity has become increasingly addictive and has reserved a permanent spot in my morning routine.

I start this activity by grabbing a small sheet of paper, two highlighters and a pencil. I write down every single stressor or potential stressor that the day offers: being judged at the gym, losing a game of 8-ball, etc. It’s a pretty wide range.

Once I have all of them jotted down, I assign one highlighter to be my “in my control” color and the other to be my “out of my control” color. I highlight each stressor accordingly and take a look at my sheet once completed.

Unsurprisingly, most of the stressors are completely out of my control and the page is predominantly filled with the “out of my control” color. Wow, what a concept!

I quickly realize that much of what I worry about is ultimately out of my control and realize that there’s not much I can do without seeming intruding in my personal situations.

I encourage you guys to try this activity yourself and see just how many of your stressors are in your control!

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